Making the complex simple and digital-first

NZIBF wants to make complex trade issues understandable for the everyday thinking New Zealander and demonstrate how free trade is benefitting New Zealand.

In order to engage in complex issues, a sustainable and targeted content strategy is required to get to the right people through the right channels.

The every day thinking New Zealander is online and paying attention to what their friends and other influencers are saying. We wanted to enhance NZIBF’s prolific communications across traditional media channels by updating their website for a mobile audience and extending their publishing strategy into broader social channels.

We used existing analytics to determine the engagement opportunities we were missing, then conducted content workshops with key stakeholders and advisors to craft story ideas for each of those key audiences and messages. This became the blueprint for content templates to be used with member organisations.

With an updated website and new social channels opening, this refreshed storytelling and communication is reaching more people in more effective ways.

Executive Director Stephen Jacobi commented: “Anthem understood our needs, came up with creative solutions and worked consistently to bring them into effect.  Plus they were fun to work with!”