Bupa: As Young as You Feel

New Zealand’s largest provider of residential care and retirement villages Bupa, has more than 5000 employees nationwide. The business needed a way to communicate with its various target audiences in a way that encouraged greater dialogue and supported the company’s position as a trusted provider of services to older people and their families.


Anthem was given the challenge of transforming Bupa’s simple Facebook page into an inspiring, engaging, fun and informative communication tool that relied principally on its creative content to attract attention.


Key aspects of the brief were to drive awareness of Bupa amongst the general public and particularly the children of those nearing retirement age – typically people in their mid-30s and 40s. The aim was to activate an engaging social media campaign that was robust, easily maintainable, strategic and had longevity.


The theme ‘Young as you feel’ underpinned the campaign emphasising that there are old 60 year olds and there are young 60 year olds – that is, your ‘real age’ is not necessarily your ‘feel age’.

Anthem commissioned research into the behaviours, demographics and psychographics of the target audiences and used this to evaluate and redesign Bupa’s online presence. Focus was placed on a combination of curated and boosted posts with an emphasis on keeping people engaged with the page rather than solely generating out-traffic to the page.


The ensuing communication strategy was based on an atmospheric approach to brand promotion as opposed to more direct messaging. A maximum of two posts per week were ear-marked for direct brand messaging, with a further five targeted towards curated links that told the story of Bupa’s values.


Communication style was based on interesting, compelling content that started conversations and engagement and reinforced the perception of Bupa as a ‘safe pair of hands.’ A competition was run for the first month that encouraged people to share stories of why their folks are amazing under the theme of #myfolksrock #makingmemories.