Comvita® - The power of social media influencers

Anthem worked with Comvita, New Zealand’s leading producer of Manuka honey, to promote the health and wellbeing associated with Manuka honey.

Two such projects include promoting Comvita’s Winter Wellness® range and UMF® Manuka Honey.

For Winter Wellness, Anthem developed a programme to raise awareness of the range during the peak cold and flu season. To reach the target audience of primarily mums Anthem developed an influencer and media partnership strategy to run between July and September 2016.

Anthem sent creative influencer kits to 20 influencers, including media, which showcased the Comvita Winter Wellness range. The kits were designed to demonstrate the “naturally effective” theme of the Winter Wellness range, by using natural packaging with the product as the hero. Results exceeded expectations with half of the recipients posting images of the kits and product across social media to a combined audience of 107,000 followers and 488 engagements with posts including likes, comments and shares. 

Alongside this Anthem ran paid partnerships with bloggers to guarantee coverage and ensure accuracy of the messaging used. This activity saw seven long form blog posts by popular family friendly/lifestyle bloggers as well as social activity reaching a combined audience of 611,000. The bloggers' posts on social media generated 2,566 engagements including likes, comments and shares.

To support Comvita’s Manuka Honey UMF® Drop campaign Anthem developed a communications programme targeting New Zealand-based Chinese to build brand recognition and preferences for Comvita products. This comprised of a media partnership to leverage popular key news sources for the target market whilst complementing Comvita’s existing activity; hosting key daigou (Chinese personal shoppers) on a trip to the Comvita Head Office to learn about the Comvita brand first hand, sharing the experience through their business and social channels; as well as other editorial media activity.