Taking customers with us on the journey of business transformation

Visa is transforming its business to embrace global payment trends and changing customer needs to drive payments innovation and new commerce experiences now and in the future.

Visa is investing heavily in its business to evolve and is embracing major trends driving change in the payments industry. In Australia and New Zealand, Visa is addressing the future of payments through a narrative that articulates Visa’s innovation strategy and perspective on topics like co-creation, customer experience, the internet of things and technology advancements that are leading to new payment experiences. 

Anthem is working with Visa to roll out this narrative in New Zealand as part of a programme to help educate key audiences about where payments are heading and how they can adapt their businesses to gear up for the future.

To position Visa at the forefront of payments innovation Anthem is undertaking a sustained communications approach covering media and stakeholder engagement; launching and leveraging payment innovation activities such as Visa's ‘The Everywhere Initiative’ – a competition that poses three real-life challenges to the startup community in order to generate new ideas for commerce; and identifying speaker and sponsorship opportunities.