Workplace Savings New Zealand: helping the Super and KiwiSaver sector front foot and anticipate change

Workplace Savings New Zealand, the organisation representing the Super and KiwiSaver schemes, has a goal to put the best foot forward to help its members adapt to and meet an ever-changing marketplace.

Anthem was briefed to breathe new life into the organisation’s annual conference in 2017 to provide Workplace Savings the opportunity to present stronger industry leadership. We did this by securing drawcard speakers including the author of KiwiSaver Sir Michael Cullen on the eve of KiwiSaver’s 10 year anniversary; improving the venue; increasing the event format including high quality room dressing and involving professional MC Ali Mau to drive the day’s agenda. 

Broadening the appeal of the content and attracting non-members was another key requirement of our brief. We did this by negotiating a partnership with Fairfax which saw registrations driven though click through banner ads across and nine editorial pieces generated across a range of topical issues, which also promoted the conference. Promotion was also secured through and Good Returns.

The result was a higher calibre event which attracted senior industry representatives (members and non-members alike) and an increased profile for Workplace Savings. Feedback from delegates was widely positive.