In need of a fresh marketing approach, family-operated building company Riva Homes called on Anthem to get to the core of the brand and shake up its external brand presentation.  

To understand what made this small business tick, Anthem held two branding workshops to unpick what the company stood for and how it hoped to grow. Findings were distilled into a brand architecture pack that would form the core of Riva’s language, values and way of doing things ‘the Riva way’. Elements included a stakeholder analysis and audience/persona breakdown, positioning statements to underpin core values, a tone of voice guide, and an easy-reference brand-on-a-page.

For Riva, everything came down to customer support, relationship-building and most importantly, trust.

Next, Anthem brought Riva’s new-found brand personality to life with a modern-look website complete with stylish staged home photography and fresh new team photos. Riva’s new ‘digital home’ launched in early 2018, and coming soon is an interactive ‘Estimate Your Build’ tool that lets budding homeowners price up their dream home.