Global wine brand Villa Maria was looking to build a brand engagement campaign for the holidays and wanted to create something that would not only inspire people but would also help them in choosing the best wine for the festive season. They developed the idea of creating a Holiday Helpline which would answer consumers burning questions around wine and turned to Anthem to help develop and execute the campaign. The #VillaMariaHelpline engaged consumers by allowing them to ask wine related questions via Villa Maria’s social channels which were then answered by Villa Maria’s experts.

The multiple social media platforms enabled consumers to ask questions across the brand’s Facebook and Instagram channels. Anthem created the social content, managed the social campaign as well as the marketing communications to drive consumer engagement on the platforms.

Anthem utilised a range of communications tactics, including earned media and influencer marketing, to drive awareness and involvement in the #VillaMariaHelpline.  This included using its expertise to connect with high profile influencers with a combined reach of more than 100,000 relevant followers, generating more than 1,000 active engagements.

Over the month-long campaign, acquisition and engagement on Villa Maria’s channels increased significantly. Fan engagement with the Villa Maria Instagram platform far exceeded performance targets, with an increase of 270% compared with the prior period - an outstanding result for the brand.