MetService had a challenge. An event was planned to reach out to new and existing clients in the Otago region. At the event would be all the key stakeholders: customers, government officials, local government, media and the MetService board.

The key question: what to say to inform the guests about the value of MetService without getting horribly technical and losing the buzz of a cocktail event.

MetService turned to Anthem to collaborate on a suite of content that did the trick nicely.

Using one of MetService’s super-star meteorologists Lisa Murray as host, Anthem worked with production firm Wrestler to craft a two-minute story that’s tightly-packed with two customer case studies, a detailed description of MetService’s work and eye-catching shots of the New Zealand landscape. The result: a gorgeous, informative and inspiring hero film.

Anthem also worked alongside MetService’s design and communications teams to produce an eight-page booklet that neatly summarized the value of MetService. The booklet, complete with infographic designed by Anthem, incorporated data from a newly released report by NZIER about the value of MetService to the New Zealand economy.

Says Angus Swainson, MetService GM Brand and People Experience: “Anthem did a brilliant job of pulling together the ideas, script, talent, designs, print and video production in a very tight time frame and to a fixed budget. The end result is spectacular and has given us a suite of assets we can use again and again. We’re very proud of the work!”