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Amazon Web Services presents: The Dream House, inspiring our youth with technology to embrace change and prepare for the future

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has built a highly engaging and inspiring community platform ‘The Dream House’, with a goal of encouraging more Māori and Pasifika to pursue a career in technology.​ The first Dream House kicked off in 2022 and was a huge success, with over 360 RSVPs, and 150 guests attending the event at the Fale o Samoa in Māngere. ​

AWS enlisted the support of Anthem to take The Dream House to the next level in 2023 – amplifying what worked and tightening up what didn’t to create an unmissable event that the community will talk about for months afterwards. ​

The Dream House was created to be a community event, rather than a corporate one, for the people we’re trying to reach. The goal was to raise awareness, drive attendance and leave people feeling inspired, with the theme of embracing change and preparing for the future.


​Indira Stewart, a well-known national journalist and advocate for the Pasifika community, hosted a panel discussion featuring six Māori and Pasifika individuals from various industries such as health, art and finance. Each panellist showcased how technology has shaped and is used within their roles, the positive impact it has across all sectors, and the importance of growing digital skills. The event also featured keynote speaker Dave Latele, a local legend and inspirational speaker, and a number of AWS members who spoke on how they can support attendees and guide them through the changing technology. Attendees also enjoyed live music and dance performed by FALOU.


Despite it being the second year the event ran, The AWS Dream House event attracted over 400 RSVPs and a turnout of 250 attendees, a 66% increase on the previous year. Additionally, 20% of participants enrolled in AWS’s Lunch and Learn series.


In crafting the event, we collaborated closely with several small Māori and Pasifika businesses, from food and beverage to entertainment and design. This approach not only ensured an event that authentically represented the community and ensured attendees felt  welcome, but also provided financial support for local businesses, elevating their profiles. Lloyd, the talented designer behind our unique t-shirts and logo, exemplified this positive impact, as AWS Dream House served as a springboard for his business.


While continuing many of the successful elements from the first Dream House event, we also introduced new aspects to Dream House 2.0. This included a revamped logo design, avatar, merchandise and further enhancement of the event’s visual identity.


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