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Education is a complex and ever-changing environment that requires dynamic and thoughtful consideration.

We understand that education providers are spinning a lot of plates, from raising the profile of their institute, navigating the skills shortage and return of international students to their classrooms, to differentiating their brand from the competition and adapting to the changing needs of curriculums.

We offer strategic counsel to public and private education organisations, helping them build their reputation, strengthen their social licence to operate and future-proof their business model as education continues to adapt to an agile landscape.

Through our collective years of experience working across the education sector, we help education providers engage with stakeholders and audiences in creative ways. This includes sourcing unique insights into the future of the sector, crafting bespoke communications materials, conducting stakeholder audits, facilitating engagement workshops, and generating engaging storytelling content.

We have also assisted with personnel related matters and other legal proceedings, working in multidisciplinary teams, developing and undertaking crisis and issues management programmes to restore the faith and trust of students, parents and employees.

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