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Financial communications


When it comes to financial matters, stakeholder confidence is built on clear communication. Anthem has a well-earned reputation for helping our clients present informative, accurate and insightful financial information.

From integrated reporting through the financial year, to annual reports and ongoing investor relations, we help you ensure your stakeholders have the information they need to understand your current position and future plans. Our experience in this area means we can advise you on what your audience wants to know, help you shape how it is delivered, and present it confidently.

Clarity and transparency are essential tools when it comes to communicating your financial information. Done right, it helps you attract new investment, maintain investor and board confidence, meet your business objectives and enhance your reputation.

Our financial communications services include:
* Integrated reporting
* Investor relations
* Annual and interim reports
* AGM event management and speech writing
* Stock Exchange announcements
* Stakeholder engagement.

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