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Energy and utilities


Anthem has significant experience working with clients in the utilities sector, particularly with energy, digital and telecommunications providers.

We understand the vital role these businesses play in New Zealand’s public and private ecosystem, and the considerable challenges they face when it comes to reputation and communications.

Customer apathy and lack of differentiation which results in churn are typical issues for utilities. We have worked with our clients to build customer loyalty, and improved profit and share prices.

Helping our clients provide a consistent customer experience and communicate their innovation in the digital transformation of their products and services, has resulted in our clients giving their customers options as they navigate the cost of living crisis.

One of our key strengths is our ability to turn issues into opportunities for reputational gain, by creating campaigns and initiatives that lead to building social licence which distinguishes clients from their competitors.

Our consultants have also worked on projects with green technology, providing communications counsel for clients developing sustainable energy solutions.

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Our low-carb future: A video series by Contact Energy

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Our low-carb future: A video series by Contact Energy

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