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IAG Need 2 Know

Following the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010-2011, the majority of New Zealand home insurance policies also faced a seismic change.


Carolyn and Jane, as IAG’s PR advisors, helped identify the opportunity for IAG to lead the sector through this change.  We designed a public information campaign and worked with our client and their other partners to co-create a fully integrated campaign aimed at building trust with IAG’s clientele.


The campaign won Gold for ‘Integrated Campaign’ at the 2014 NZDM Awards and Gold for the ‘Financial Services Channel Campaign’ website.


IAG sought Anthem’s help to launch Resilient New Zealand, an entity consisting of Beca, BNZ, IAG, NZ Red Cross, Vodafone who came together to advocate ways to make New Zealand more resilient to disasters. We subsequently announced the findings of the group’s first research project ‘The Role of Business in Recovery’ through media, whilst positioning IAG’s senior leadership as industry leaders in the process.


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