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Doppelmayr: Lifting Aotearoa’s sights to greater sustainable transport opportunities

Doppelmayr NZ’s strategy is to build a case for aerial cable car as an urban public transport solution for Aotearoa’s cities, growing its profile and credibility beyond the 40-year local core tourism business it is known for.​


Anthem worked with Doppelmayr to produce its first Urban Transport Solutions Report to present a tangible business case for the value and viability of urban aerial cable cars, including a shortlist of ropeway sites across the country and the business’s vision and strategy for transport in New Zealand.​


In November Anthem curated two stakeholder events in Auckland and Wellington to officially launch Doppelmayr’s Urban Transport Solutions Report and position aerial cable cars as a transport solution, as part of an ongoing stakeholder engagement strategy.


The events were held over two consecutive days post the election, and invitees consisted of leaders from central and local government, the transport and infrastructure industries, general business and city/regional organisations, environment and social governance, and media.  Critically, the events were co-hosted with The Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Business NZ. CEOs Simon Bridges and Kirk Hope respectively facilitated the Auckland and Wellington panel discussions, with a focus on the key challenges and transport planning opportunities across Aotearoa, and the prospect of aerial cable cars as transport solutions. The events and report provided an opportunity to re-engage with media and amplify awareness and support of this innovative mode of public transport.


The launch of Doppelmayr NZ’s Urban Transport Solutions Report achieved a total audience reach of more than 4.3 million people via social and media coverage​; 44 pieces of coverage included three national broadcast TV interviews and two live radio interviews.


Doppelmayr’s transport case was met with a positive response, garnering broad interest and support from key leaders across local and central government, industry, environment and social development, urban planning, design and transport commentators, as well as the public. This activity has been the catalyst for deeper engagement and analysis with key stakeholders regarding the Wellington and Auckland sites identified. Watch this space!



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