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Integrated communications


Effective communication requires a seamless, integrated approach that delivers a consistent brand experience at every relevant touchpoint.

Integrated communications is a strategic process that Anthem has honed through years of experience, aligning all messaging and creative elements across earned, owned, shared and paid communications channels. It ensures that your brand speaks with one unified voice, reinforcing key messages and strengthening the overall impact.

Our integrated process extends beyond the work, and enables us to develop teams of the “right people” to deliver the right job. Whether it’s engaging former Ministers to consult on creative content and media engagement for an above the line lobbying and Government relations campaign, a former mayor to help advocate for a transport vision he believes in with local and central government, a designer to develop a health infographic as a core strategic idea spanning earned and paid media or a strategist with expertise in the Kiwi psyche to lead the delivery of a unique thought leadership programme for a financial services client.
We craft high performing teams that deliver unmatched results.

We do this with trusted partners, as we’re not patch protective or hung up on delivering a “PR only” strategy if it’s not the right answer for our clients. Sometimes we start with advertising, sometimes we start with targeted stakeholder engagement, sometimes we start with an issue…but we always start with strategy and devising the central compelling story and building from there.

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