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Kiwis and tourists have long enjoyed sightseeing and travelling via gondola, cable car and ski lifts, but we’re yet to realise the benefits many other international cities have long embraced of ropeways as a major urban transport solution.


Doppelmayr, the world’s leader in ropeways, engaged Anthem to devise a communications strategy and programme to help it shift from being regarded as just a global tourism operator to a credible, trusted and inspiring business with clear ambitions and viable transport solutions that will help New Zealand achieve its environmental, social and economic goals.


An intensive brand building, stakeholder engagement and high impact media outreach programme has helped enhance Doppelmayr’s corporate and business reputation with many key stakeholders and has been a catalyst for commercial growth.


The programme was successful in driving a nationwide conversation about the many sustainability benefits ropeway transport systems provide including zero direct carbon emissions, easy access to provide mobility for all, low cost construction and better value for communities, vehicle reduction and job and skills creation.



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