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Spark 5G Street Museum

As 5G is essentially an invisible product that can’t be seen or touched, the challenge has always been to highlight the benefits of the technology and what it means for the ways Kiwi work, learn and connect.


To mark 5G being available in 21 locations across New Zealand, Spark created New Zealand’s first interactive ‘5G Street Museum’ a co-created series of 5G powered AR experiences, showcasing top Kiwi creatives such as Parris Goebel, Askew One, Benee, TEEKS and David Dallas, to provide some never-before-seen insights into the background of these creatives.


Anthem was tasked with creating a launch moment and media relations programme that gained media cut through and built intrigue and excitement around the power of 5G – ultimately driving Kiwis to download the Spark 5G Street Museum app and activate the experiences via QR codes across New Zealand.

From ideation to execution – Anthem supported Spark with a launch programme including an exclusive ‘premiere’ showcasing the street museum to media, influencers, internal Spark employees and members of the public at The Cloud in Auckland’s CBD.


In addition, Anthem crafted an extensive media outreach strategy that covered mainstream media and journalists across technology, business, lifestyle and what’s on publications.


To build hype and excitement in the lead up to the launch event, Anthem developed media kits that were sent to selected targets prior to the event and included Samsung earbuds to play on the immersive experience and goody bags which were created as a takeaway item for guests.


Spark and Anthem ran a successful launch event on the 4th August at The Cloud, where over 100 attendees came in throughout the night.


The event and media interviews provided some fantastic results as Anthem secured over 50 pieces of media, social and influencer coverage. Some key highlights include the NZ Herald, AM Show, TVNZ Breakfast, 1 News and VIVA.



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